Pre Surgical Assessment

The  Pre Surgical Assessment is designed to help us get some background on your pet prior to surgery.

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1. Has your pet ever had a anaesthetic performed at another vet surgery?  This excludes Kalinga Park Vet and Ascot Vet.  If yes please enter the date and the name of the surgery where that procedure was performed.
2. Are you aware of any condition that may affect your pets ability to tolerate an anaesethetic?  (Enter details in the comment field)
3. Has your pet had any general blood test in the past 6mths? If it wasnt done at Kalinga or Ascot please give us the details.
4. Please enter any other relevant information about your pet and surgery you think we need to know.
5. If your pet is over 8 we will require they receive compulsory extra fluid therapy. This should have been included in any assessment.  Other pets we recommend recieve extra fluid therapy - this speeds recovery times improves pet post operative well being. 
Do you consent to this fluid therapy?
6. We recommend all pets recieve a blood test prior to surgery 
This link outlines some of the reasons we recommend this.  There is additional cost of approximately 110$ for this.  Do you consent to your pet having a preanaesethetic blood test?

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