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Microchip and Register your Pet

A Dog with a microchip at Home

Thousands of pets are destroyed each year simply because they lack identification. This is why we recommend microchipping as part of our preventative healthcare campaign for all pets… and word is spreading fast.

Under Queensland laws microchipping is compulsory.   Puppies are required to be microchipped prior to sale, however, pets can be microchipped at any age.

A Microchip is a tiny identity chip about the size of a grain of rice.  A 15 digit unique number is encoded on the microchips. It is injected under the skin of your pet and stays there for life as a permanent form of identification.  Good quality microchips are constructed with medical grade glass usually with an anti-migration coating.  The microchip can be read by passing a scanner over the skin and once it is placed cannot be lost, removed or altered for the life of your pet.

It is also possible to implant chips that have other functions such as measuring your pet’s body temperature.    As we get smaller technology the range of functions available will increase! If you have your pet implanted you should ensure the chip comes from a quality manufacturer, not a cheap import.

The staff will microchip your pet and register it on a national database called the Global Micro Database. Staff at the RSPCA and pounds will scan all lost pets.  When we find an  existing chip we cross-check it on the database ensuring a quick call and a happy reunion.