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Export Services

Rabies Vaccination and Export

Nobivac Rabies Vaccines

Kalinga Park Vet in Brisbane maintains a large stock of rabies vaccinations that we are authorized to use for animals that are leaving the country. Rabies Vaccines are not widely available as there are expensive to stock.

All animals that receive a rabies vaccination must be microchipped with an ISO-approved microchip. We carry an advanced microchip that also monitors and reports your dog’s body temperature when read with an appropriate reader.

Biotherm Microchip

Give us a call or book online if your pet is traveling and needs a rabies vaccine. In general, you want to make sure that your pet has the vaccine at least 30 days before they are due to travel.

Kalinga Park can also perform Rabies Titre testing that can be required for certain countries or if a pet is potentially returning to Australia at a later date.

We provide 2 copies of the internationaly recognized rabies vaccination certificate. We just ask you to give us accurate contact information prior to your appointment to avoid errors on these certificates.

We are also qualified to administer Rabies vaccines to pets that have potential ABLV exposure. These pets also need to be microchipped.

Rabies and Australia

Rabies is a lethal disease that is endemic in most parts of the world. Only a few countries are considered Rabies free.

Rabies Distribution Map

Australia is, fortunately, one such country. This means that for animals being bought into or taken out of Australia there are important facts that must be addressed.

Here at the Kalinga Park Veterinary Surgery, all our veterinary staff is qualified to give advice on the medical procedures necessary to take your favourite companion overseas and get them back safely.

Important Points about Rabies:

  • [wiki id=en]Rabies[/wiki] is considered universally fatal to unvaccinated animals or people. Fortunately, in people that are aware they have been bitten, it is possible to get post-exposure vaccinations.
  • Rabies can affect almost all warm-blooded animals.
  • Rabies has an extremely long and varied incubation period. One child was suggested that the incubation period was around 6 years before she died from the virus.
  • Dogs account for 99% of all human rabies deaths. Urban Rabies (the subtype that affects dogs) is the sole cycle in South East Asia and is the dominant cycle in Asia, Central and South America, and Africa. Dogs are the host and while they may infect other species these species do not spread the disease but will die. There are other subtypes of rabies that can cycle in other hosts such as skunks, foxes, racoons and bats, the urban form is most important for Australia.

In Australia in most cases, it is unnecessary to vaccinate for Rabies. Most veterinarians do not obtain Rabies Vaccine due to cost and expiry.

Australia Quarantine maintains a register of authorized veterinarians who can administer the rabies vaccine, mainly to animals travelling overseas. If you are planning such a trip it is advised you contact an AQIS registered veterinarian such as those at the Kalinga Park Veterinary Surgery to obtain information regarding preparing your pet for transport. For large numbers of animals, we can provide significant discounts to testing and vaccination.

Pet Export – travel to fantastic places!

Taking your Pet Overseas with You ?

We can provide a full range of pet export services. Complete pre-export assessment to allow an easier export procedure. Moving house can be a major disruption, packing and unpacking and organizing removalists. Often the thought of moving the family pet is deemed too difficult. The excuse for rehousing many pets is “moving interstate or overseas”. Moving home is no reason to give up ownership of a loyal companion. Pets are very adaptable (probably a lot more than we ever give them credit for), they are happy to live wherever their owners are, and moving them is relatively simple. Pets are best transported interstate by air,  it is quick and probably the least stressful method. Airlines are able to give advice on how to arrange transportation.

Pets must be transported in a secure and suitable crate which may be purchased from the airline and they must be pre-booked on a flight. Shipping overseas brings a new problem, quarantine. Before organizing a pet to travel overseas, enquire about the health and quarantine requirements. This is where we can help with our vets being Australian Quarantine Inspection Service Accredited. We can advise you on what tests, vaccinations, and treatments are required before travelling to a specific country and how long before leaving these must be carried out. All tests and medical certificates can be supplied by ourselves. We have a dedicated arm of the practice called Travel Vets to ensure we can focus on these complex issues appropriately.

If you need more information please contact us on 07 33571588 The following links may help you obtain more country-specific information

Nature made Australia unique

Quarantine keeps it that way. AQIS is Australia’s first line of defence, protecting our unique environment against exotic pests and diseases. They inspect incoming luggage, cargo, mail, animals and plants and their products, and provide inspection and certification for a range of exports. Australians who are departing with a pet overseas but intending to return should check the requirements of both countries.  We can handle the pet export for you and work closely with a number of transport companies.

Australia requires dogs and cats entering from most overseas countries to spend a period of time in quarantine, this time can be reduced with appropriate treatments before leaving. Here at Kalinga Park Vet Surgery, through our Travel specific practice, Travel Vets,  we can advise you on the best way to bring your animal home. Animals in Australian quarantine are well treated and in many cases, the length of stay is no longer than the same time the pet may spend in a boarding kennel while the family is on holiday.